Kelly Ripa Chops Her Hair Off & It's Bound to Inspire Other Moms to Do the Same (PHOTO)

kelly ripaWhen it comes to hair, short has been the new long for almost a year now. But it seems like shorter is quickly becoming the new short. Kelly Ripa debuted a new 'do on Live With Kelly and Michael on Monday, and her formerly shoulder-grazing tresses now barely fall beneath her ears. The choppy, blond bob suits the bubbly host perfectly, showing off her toned shoulders and larger-than-life personality.

And you know who else this haircut suits? Females who have pushed small human beings out of their vaginas. Or, as they're more formally known as, moms!


After giving birth, I don't think any woman thinks to herself, "You know what would go great with this baby? Mom hair!" But the time parents once had to themselves shrinks exponentially after a kid comes into the picture. There's no more whiling away a random hour, perusing personal interest blogs; no more impromptu trips to the gym or nail salon; and definitely no more spending more than 10 minutes on your hair. And even that's pushing it. 

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Kelly's super-short cut definitely isn't for everyone. But getting a short, stylish, non-mom haircut is perfect for laydees with baybees. Not only because it's low-maintenance, but because they're in.

I mean, Nicole Richie has short hair now, for god's sake. How much more stylish could it possibly get?

Did you cut your hair after having a baby?


Image via Kelly and Michael/Instagram

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