8 Ways to Fight Wrinkles Using 'Cures' From Your Own Kitchen (PHOTOS)

cold creamUgh. Wrinkles. Honestly, is there anything worse? I mean, it's bad enough that every birthday we celebrate tells us that we're one more year past our spring chicken days -- but then we're forced to see it on our faces in the form of fine lines and creases? So unfair.

And with all of the pricey creams on drug store shelves, it's tough to know which anti-wrinkle products will get the job done without being toxic or harming our skin even more.

But if you're willing to step outside of the box a bit, there are a few wrinkle treatments that are all natural -- and that also might be hiding in your own kitchen.

Check out these photos to see eight natural ways to fight wrinkles -- on the cheap, if I might add!


Image via sunshinecity/Flickr

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