Christina Aguilera Explains Why She's Over Trying to Be Sexy

christina aguilera maximChristina Aguilera's recent dramatic weight loss may be one of the great OMG success stories of 2013, but the diva isn't really doing much explaining about how she slimmed down. Instead, she's just letting her body do the talking, posing in a series of hot photos for the October issue of Maxim. And they're basically the equivalent of Snooki's look-at-me selfies and Lady Gaga's recent naked pictorials, AKA photos that showcase their newly svelte figure and make it clear the star's thrilled with how she looks these days.

Still, Christina she swears she's not trying too hard. (Uh huh ...)


Xtina explained to Maxim:

I'm such a down-to-earth girl, I'm comfortable in just a jersey and boy's underwear. Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do. Sexiness should be effortless.

Hmm, interesting, being that she's never been exactly shy about pushing boundaries and getting "dirrty" to market herself as a sex symbol. I'd say that takes some effort, wouldn't you? But okay, maybe as a 32-year-old mom of 5-year-old Max, she's really more comfortable in her own skin these days. Maybe she's gotten more fit as a result of leading a healthier, cleaner lifestyle, and it has her feeling amazing and naturally sexy?

Who knows? But she's right. Going over-the-top and working way too hard at "being sexy" is rarely a turn-on. The hottest possible thing you can do is relax and be yourself. I only hope that's what's going on these days with Christina.

What do you do to make yourself feel/look sexy?


Image via Maxim

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