4 Ways to Pull off The Slouchy Pants Trend

Catherina Malandrino slouch pantI love the way the  slouchy pants trend looks, but it can be intimidating when you're used to tailored and skinny pants that really keep you tucked in, if you know what I mean. When I say "slouchy pants" I mean a pant that's loose at the top and tapered at the bottom. An extreme version is a harem pant, but there are many different versions, and some are easier to pull of than others.

You may already have a closet full of slouchy pants -- cool! However, if you're like me and are a little nervous about trying this look, here are some easy tips for getting started and looking great.


1. Go for black. I love those printed Catherine Malandrino pants shown above ($345 at Cusp.com) (ouch!). However, a fairly sleek, black slouchy pant will be flattering to your curves and still look totally on point without making you feel like Bozo the Clown. Black slouchy pants will look great with solid and printed tops.

black slouchy pants

Eileen Fisher Slouchy Tapered Pants ($128 at Nordstrom); Outsider Pants ($68 at NEEDSUPPLY.com); Kenneth Cole New York Slouchy Pants ($92 at Bloomingdales.com)

2. Avoid super dropped crotches. Listen, if you like this look and can pull it off, then more power to you. I personally think it's reeaaaalllly tricky to look good in what Zac Posen on Project Runway refers to as "poopy pants!"

3. Pair your slouchy pants with a more tailored/ slim-fitting top for a sleeker overall look.

4. Wear heels if you want a longer, leaner silhouette.

black slouchy pants

Hive & Honey Slouchy Ponte Pants ($69 at Pipelerlime.Gap.com); J.Crew Curator Pants ($148 at JCrew.com);  MICHAEL MICHAEL KORES Casual Pants ($125 at YOOX.com)

What do you think -- would you wear slouchy pants?

Image via Cusp.com

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