Kate Middleton Looks Amazing in Skinny Jeans in First Appearance After Baby (PHOTO)

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Kate MiddletonIt's only been a few weeks since Prince George arrived, but Kate Middleton made her first public appearance post-birth this morning at the Ring O' Fire ultra marathon in Anglesey. And I think I speak for the masses when I say she's absolutely glowing!

Ok, so we already knew she'd reclaimed her pre-baby figure based on the photos that turned up earlier this week of her grocery shopping. But get a load of the skinny black jeans she chose for her first "official" outing -- are you believing just how slender she is? She's definitely bounced right back better than most moms, but I guess that's to be expected, considering how little weight she put on during the pregnancy to begin with.

But forget about her figure, can we just talk about her overall outfit and how, well ... it screams MOM?!? Oh come on, people -- she's wearing a blazer, for crying out loud. (Total mom staple.)

While her outfit is very polished and put together, it's still much more casual than what you'd expect to see her in. It kind of looks like something any other mom would wear to greet runners at a marathon. (Although our hair probably wouldn't look as perfect.)

Want to know the best part of her whole ensemble? She recycled the Zara top she's wearing. Yep, it's the same one she was spotted wearing during her pregnancy while on a ski trip in the Alps.

And how about her shoes? Heels definitely wouldn't have been appropriate for this particular event, which is probably why she went for her signature LK Bennett wedges. But since wedges are a great choice for moms who want to look stylish yet still want to be steady on their feet while carrying their babies, we can't help but wonder if she'll kick her heel collection to the curb altogether -- at least for the next few months or so.

Yeah, probably not. But it's still fun to think about her being somewhat of a regular mom, just like us.

What do you think of Kate's choice of attire?


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nonmember avatar Cass

I have never seen a mom wearing a blazer to anything but work. She looks beautiful, but don't try and claim her as one of your mommy brethren simply because you like her clothes.

Mimi Kirby

wow she wore a Blazer! get over it.. England can be a chilly place! and she did JUST have a baby so if she wants to wear a trash bag let her and leave her alone

stara... starandseen

Absolutely love her fashion style!! That blazer looks fantastic with the polka dotted print and they look great with the jeans.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I would wear this in a heartbeat! Although her outfit doesn't scream "mom". It's simply casual chic.

BGarcel BGarcel

I'm a regular mom and I wear heels. There is nothing wrong with that. About what Kate is wearing... I like it!

nonmember avatar Lesley

I'm a regular mom of three! And I think Kate looks fantastic! Forget about what she's wearing, she's carrying herself quite well considering she just had a baby.

Doris Pierce

I think Kate's outfit is very nice. She makes me think of Dianna--down to earth and dressing casually like this. Its nice to see someone so well known that dresses like everyone else--not always all dressed up and made-up because they can afford to do it. Being down to earth and dressing alot of times like everyone else does is what endeared Dianna to people and its doing the same with Kate. Its nice to know that there are celebrities and royals that do not act like they are better than everyone else. 

grous... grousseau

Kate, looks fantastic! I love her choice of fashion. I wish I had looked that good after giving birth. Good for her!

nonmember avatar Michelle

(I gained weight after the baby was born).

nonmember avatar Katie

Moms don't wear blazers unless they are going to work? Oops. I guess I never got that memo. I'll toss mine out.

(I don't wear blazers AT work)

I think she looks perfectly... normal.

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