Hunter Boots Get a Makeover but What's the Point?

hunter boots, rag and boneThose trendy Hunter Boots are not a new thing. The popular British brand has been around long enough that Queen Elizabeth the second is a huge fan. Even here in the States if you check the streets on a rainy day you are going to spot at least a few stylish ladies wearing them as they stomp merrily (and fashionably) through puddles on their way to and from work.

Hunter Boots are popular -- they're a known entity as a boot brand. It's safe to say that they can't be squeezed for cash, right? So it begs the question: what's with this recently announced partnership with fashion house Rag & Bone?


A look at the new line (available for pre-order at Rag & Bone's online store) doesn't make their intention any more clear. Yes, they are boots. Yes, they look maybe slightly...different? But nothing about them screams haute couture.

If I'm going to drop bucks on a pair of already-expensive rain boots (which already aren't going to get anywhere near to daily wear) why would I continue to shake the contents of my wallet out for are essentially the exact same boots? Sure the cut, is slightly new, and there's a zipper -- all the better to bite into my calf-meat, I grumble. 

I say all this as a fan of Rag & Bone, too. If I had clicked the link and been presented with a surprising take on the old Hunter Boot classic, the purchase might be easy to rationalize. But for this only-vaguely-different design? I think I'll hold onto my pennies for a more worthwhile splurge.

Do you think the new boots are worth it?

Image via Rag & Bone

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