Hayden Panettiere Does Something So Shocking With Her Hair It Almost Looks Fake (PHOTO)

Hayden PanettiereIt's perfectly normal to want to experiment and change up your hairstyles from time to time to keep things exciting -- but just wait until you see Hayden Panettiere's new locks, which are anything but characteristic for her.

Compared to a lot of other celebrities, she's just so fresh faced and natural, well, other than the boob job she's rumored to have had, of course. (That doesn't count.)

And that's why it seems strange that she went for such a drastic change with her bold new do. Hayden's hair is so shocking, in fact, that I'm not totally convinced that she isn't wearing a wig.


Drum roll, please -- check out those blunt bangs and her platinum blonde shade!

Hayden Panettiere

Well, what do you think -- are you digging it? I hate to say it, but I'm really not a fan. At all.

Take a closer look -- couldn't this be a wig? It certainly wouldn't be the first time a celeb donned fake hair in an effort to nab a little extra attention. There's a chance that Hayden's style could magically go back to normal the next time we see her.

But if this really is a permanent change, it's kind of a shame. The heavy bangs make her look a few years older, and her hair is so straight, it really takes away from the natural beauty vibe she usually has going on. And one more thing about the bangs -- they hide her gorgeous face! Hayden's skin is flawless, and it just seems like a waste to cover up her perfect complexion.

Hopefully this major shift is only temporary, and the old Hayden will be back to showing off her beautiful self in no time. But if her new hair does turn out to be the real deal, those bangs are going to be a serious bitch to grow out. Just sayin'.

Do you think Hayden is wearing a wig? And do you like her hair this way?


Images via Splash

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