Heat Styling Products: Check Out Our Test Driven Results

Redken heat styling

Photo from Redken

I blowdry my hair more in the winter -- it's just too cold to go outside with a wet head. But how do I protect my locks from the heat of the blowdryer? Products! 

I recently received a bunch of new creams and gels from Redken's heat styling collection. I gave some to friends and tried others out on myself. Here are the results....


We all loved what the products did for our hair. Though cafemama did say that she wasn't too fond of the scent...but she is about nine weeks pregnant so she thought maybe that was why. Plus she did say that it wasn't a lingering scent, just the smell when first applied.

All the new Redken products helped elimate frizz that often comes with blowdrying and added texture, which is great for styling.

  • Blown Away 09 -- protective blow dry gel great for frizz-control for all hair types when drying.
  • Iron Silk 07 -- ultra straightening spray that smoothes and adds shine -- for use with a flat iron.
  • Spray Starch 15 -- curling or flat iron spray that holds style longer without feeling like you have a lot of product in your hair.
  • Satinwear 02 -- lightweight blowdry lotion to apply before blowdrying to add shine and protect.
  • Fabricate 03 -- heat-active texturizer to use when blowdrying or with hot irons to give more definition.
  • Hot Sets 22 -- thermal setting mist with maximum control --gives your locks protection from heat.

Products are $13 and up. Visit Redken.com to find a salon that sells these products near you.

Do you blowdry your hair? Have you ever tried heat styling products? Share your tips!

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