Taylor Armstrong's Engagement Ring Is So Not ‘Beverly Hills’ (PHOTO)

taylor armstrongHave you heard the good news? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is engaged. And her ring is ...  actually, kind of pretty. When we think Beverly Hills, we immediately go to glitz! Glamour! Gaud! Super gigantic platinum rings! But the ring Taylor's lawyer boyfriend, John Bluher, bestowed unto her is really different. And there's nary a speck of platinum in sight. Smooth move, Bluher.

Check it out:




The ring has a whopping 121 diamonds in it, and while I'm not really into the whole fleur-de-lis shape thing, I do really like the idea of a gold ring with a few (or, you know, 121) diamonds in it, instead of one massive rock that's like, "What up!!!" It's different -- especially for Beverly Hills, where most engagement rings have their own sleeping quarters. And something about this ring just seems so Taylor. I feel like she always has a bedazzled fleur-de-lis or peace sign somewhere on her clothes or jewels.

So, nice work, picking out a ring, random lawyer guy. It's different. It's pretty in its own way. And it seems perfect for your bride-to-be. Mazel!

What do you think of Taylor's ring?


Images via Bravo/Soffer Ari

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