3 MTV VMAs Looks We Adored & 3 That Made Us Cover Our Eyes (PHOTOS)

Miley CyrusYou know you're really starting to get older when you catch yourself saying, "OMG! That's disgusting!" at least six or seven times during the MTV Video Music Awards. And while most of the appalling stuff that took place was during the performances of the show -- some of the bad moments happened on the red carpet too.

Apparently the 2013 VMAs weren't the place to dress to impress this year, which is why there were definitely more hits than misses in the fashion department. Actually, finding a few looks that were deserving of any sort of positive recognition was a bit of a challenge -- but somehow I managed.

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Check out these photos to see three ladies who looked pretty lovely -- and three who might want to think about hiring a new stylist, stat.


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty

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mommy... mommyinthe303

Can she stop sticking her thing out!

nativ... nativemama18

^right??? Her performance was pretty much her grabbing her crotch thrusting and licking the air oh and slapping a girls ass and shitty twerkin


I wonder if we stop talking about her [Miley] will she calm the heck down?  And can someone fire her WHOLE PR staff or whoever is on her team...they are not helping her at all.

nonmember avatar disgusted

^If she still even has a team anymore. They all probably ran off in horror.

hexxuss hexxuss

Have to disagree on Katy.  I think she was having fun with her outfit, and she'snever really done 'glam' when she performs.  If anything, dog her for the knee-high socks lol.  Someone else pointed out that Taylor could have been saying stfu to Selena - or anyone else in the audience who may have razzed her about losing out on an award?  I won't jump to conclusions on that one, I'm SURE she'll address it once it gets back to her lol.

nonmember avatar Victoria

i love Selena's outfit. i think its sexy and age appropriate, the girl is 21 after all. Katy's is a bit weird, but i think it's ok, not the best, but far from the worst. also, even Miley's red carpet outfit isnt too bad, these are the VMA's, not the Academy Awards. People are supposed to dress a bit over the top, it's rock and roll! now Rhianna on the otherhand, girl wears her tits out to go grocery shopping, but wears a teeshirt to the VMA's? BORING!!!!

Cassie Barker


Anna Maria

Ughhhh...she's so gross sticking out her tongue! Keep the freaking thing in your mouth. No one cares to see it and it looks so damn tacky!


lasombrs lasombrs

I think you mean more misses then hits if you cant find good things to say right? (not ripping the story apart, that just reads weird to me)

and I cant stand that girl.

Derek W. Newell

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