Fall's Hottest Color Has a Really Gross Name

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Ann Taylor

Want to be on top of the trends this fall? Well get used to the idea of wearing oxblood.

Oh yes.


That's the name of the color designers are mad for this season -- and if you can get past the name, it's actually a lovely color that looks good on most women.

Take this wrap sweater (Ann Taylor, $69) for instance. It would look fantastic on so many figures and skin tones.


Will you wear this color, despite its disgusting name?

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BB Dakota

I'll tell you one thing -- I'd wear this Anne Vest (BB Dakota, $89) in a heartbeat. Not only is it very current, it would go with so many different looks. This vest is pure win.



Multiple celebrities have been spotted out and about in this oxblood Alexander McQueen skull print scarf (Farfetch, $343). No, I can't afford it either, but I can't help loving it, can I? Get a cheaper scarf in oxblood and you'll still look hot.


Charlotte RusseOne thing you probably can afford is this oxblood midi dress (Charlotte Russe, $22.99). Put a blazer or cardigan over it and you're good to go.



Another hot way to get the look is with a pair of oxblood Falke Pure tights (ASOS, $27). I would totally wear these (although I might look for a less expensive pair). How about you?


AllSaintsAlso in the look-but-don't-buy category for me -- this fabulous oxblood bikers jacket (AllSaints, $700). I am crazy about AllSaints, even though I can rarely afford it. When I win the lottery, you know where I'll be.



More realistic is this lovely oxblood Elise pendant necklace (Nordstrom, $52). This would look SO good on you.


Free People

I've become a big fan of Free People lately, and I'm craving this oxblood oversized sweater coat (Free People, $148). We all deserve one, don't we? DESERVE.


Charlotte Russe

The most cost effective oxblood option is this mock neck tank (Charlotte Russe, $17.99). I love this, particularly as a layering piece or on its own in the summer time.



Finally, you'd be so twee with your own oxblood iPhone purse (Topshop, $28). What? Your iPhone doesn't have its own purse?! WHY NOT?!

What do you think of oxblood?


Images (top to bottom): Ann Taylor, BB Dakota, Charlotte Russe, ASOS, AllSaints, Nordstrom, Free People, Charlotte Russe, Topshop

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katyq katyq

Is it just me ir were these items ll different shades of red?

MrsSa... MrsSamMerlotte

oxblood was last falls color too...

mande... manderspanders

how is this different from maroon?

levacy levacy

why would you not wear something that made you look wonderful just because of the name of the color? what  a stupid story... 


Ghett... GhettoKoolAide

Charlotte Ruse's are a deep red not oxblood.

Lucinda LaPaglia

Eggplant, Ox-blood, Wine , Dying Maple leaf, raw Liver, who cares, you go shopping, you think hmm this shade of purple-red or brownish red looks great. And just to note, that shade of leather has always been called ox-blood its not a new name for that color.


 Like Lucinda said, that name has been around for ages.It just gets a different  name depending on what designers think some "clothes horse" will just "have to have" for the season, despite the fact they may have 7 of them already, but they went by a different name in a privious season, most likely Merlot or eggplant. But I do love the color;very warm.

nonmember avatar Carole

I guess it just depends who you ask, since I just read an article earlier today that said "Tangerine Tango" is the IT color for this fall. Designer trends aside, I'm going to wear the colors I like and that look best on ME, not some skinny-ass model.

maryB... maryBlanche

The name of the color is not a problem. All the examples were different shade of red. Are they all Oxblood?

aom1112 aom1112

So in other words.. burgandy.

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