Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Disgust for Plastic Surgery & 3 Secrets to Amazing Skin

Olivia WildeWhen it comes to fresh faces in Hollywood, Olivia Wilde has got it goin' on. The 29-year-old actress who we all fell in love with as Remy on House has perfectly flawless skin, and lucky for her, she hasn't done any extra procedures to get it that way. Also lucky for her? Because of that young, fresh skin, she can still play any role that spans ages 18 to 35. Hello, opportunity!

In a recent blog for Glamour, the actress expressed her secret to looking young and avoiding plastic surgery. Slamming all the "alien-looking" plastic surgery addicts of today's society, Wilde emphasizes that it is possible to look good without going under the knife. She even goes as far as to give her three token tips to looking your best, and they're actually SUPER simple.

Ready for 'em?


Drink water, sleep eight hours every night, and don't go within 400 feet of a tanning booth. Sounds easy enough, right?

It's not rocket science either. We've all heard that drinking water helps keep skin looking good. When it comes to sleep, a poor night's rest has detrimental effects like a lackluster complexion and increase in fine lines. As for tanning? Hello, ultraviolet radiation! Just don't do it. Don't.

By listening and adopting all three of Wilde's tips, you're at least trying to do something to stay healthy and improve your skin quality. Besides, why would anyone want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on surgery if there are ways to avoid it altogether? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I don't know about all of you, but I most definitely don't have an extra wad of cash at home for beauty purposes only.

Do you have any skin secrets?


Image via 2 Top/Flickr

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