Miley Cyrus Looks Like a Little Girl in Crazy Ripped Shorts & Pigtails (PHOTO)

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus is one of the few people in the world who's been blessed with a body type that looks good in basically everything. Soooo, why is she wearing this? The "We Can't Stop" singer stepped out in a pair of shorts so tiny the Hubble Telescope might not be to spot them; a tank top that had the words "Ain't Nothing But a G Thang" printed in calligraphy on the front; and a hairstyle that one typically doesn't see on anyone over the age of 2. What up, Miley?

I get that Miley is young; "going through puberty at 20 years old"; and experimenting right now, but she wears the same types of things over and over and over again. Always something super tight, always something super short. The girl has a fantastic body and she ought to show it off, but ... maybe once in a while, try something new? She should experiment within her experimental phase! It would be so nice to see Miley in a loose maxi dress. Or just, I dunno, a t-shirt and jeans. That would actually be more shocking than what she's wearing here.

As for her hair, I actually find it weirdly cute. Maybe because it reminds me of my toddler. I don't think I'd advise Miley to wear it like this every day. But for once in a while, what the hey, right?

Thoughts on Miley Cyrus' outfit and 'do?


Image via Splash

miley cyrus


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My thoughts are; why is this site so obsessed with everything Miley does?

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I think I'm very thankful I was never famous at her age so people could nitpick my fashion/lifestyle choices. Her outfit is fine, and really no different than how my friends and I dressed at that age (although I didn't look that good in clothes even back then). If she were walking the red carpet or going to a funeral wearing that, then she's being inappropriate. Otherwise, it's really no big deal. She'll grow up and out of this phase soon enough.

BGarcel BGarcel

Shallow women dont know how to react to something like what miley is wearing without making a big deal about it. It seems the author is a shallow woman.

Jeanna Hale

Little girls I know don't wear crotch high shorts......Why did you waste time and energy on writing this pointless article.

nonmember avatar Bob

Miley Cirus does not have a "fantastic body". She is too thin, and all those tattoos make her look like a tramp. Of course, she tends to act a bit like one, so maybe that's what she's going for. Man or woman, your body should not look like a billboard or the canvas for a bad painter. She should aspire to be more like Bridget Moynahan (who is incredibly beautiful and oozes class), than Amy Winehouse. How many times do we have to see young people with too much money make terrible life choices? Of course, if you'd like to see self-absorption run amok, put her together with Justin Bieber.

nonmember avatar Ms Ti

Bridget Moynahan? She should be more like 43-year old Bridget Moynahan? Tom Brady's baby momma Bridget Moynahan? You're joking, right?

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