8 Lingerie Drawer Must-Haves for Every Woman


I hosted a pilot for a TV show this past week -- which meant a lot of wardrobe changes -- which meant that I became all-too-aware of things like panty lines and exposed bra straps and muffin top.

Those things are at least somewhat excusable in the real world, but on television, they're a big no no.

It all got me thinking about the arsenal of products I've learned to keep handy so that I look as problem-free as possible in my clothes. One lifesaver is double-sided Fashion Tape (Amazon, $7.26). This stuff can keep bra straps in place, hold a shirt together, and seal a dropped hem. It's a lifesaver and I'll never be without it again.

Here are some of my other favorites for the lingerie drawer ...


NordstromA good strapless bra is a lingerie drawer essential, and judging from the rave reviews, this Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra (Nordstrom, $60) is well worth the money. Even large-chested women swear it stays up. I'm sold!


Simone Perele

Some say this Invisi'bulles Thong (Simone Perele, $20) is the most comfortable, least-visible thong on the market. I'm dying to try it out myself. I don't exactly like wearing thongs, but with some outfits, they're unavoidable.


AmazonThere's little more embarrassing than headlights in an inappropriate setting. (Work meeting? A wedding? A funeral?) That's why I rely on DIMRS (Amazon, $29.99), which are silicone nipple covers. I use them under non-padded bras, and ESPECIALLY at the gym under a sports bra. Problem solved!


AmazonSafety pins (Amazon, $5.53) are important to have on hand in a pinch. Most recently, I used a safety pin to hold my bra straps together in the back, thus eliminating problematic exposed bra straps on TV. YAY.


NordstromYou'll have muffin top no more with the simple addition of a shaper under your clothes. I personally think Spanx are pretty comfortable. One of my favorite models is the Spanx Higher Power Brief (Nordstrom, $36). You can wear these with just about anything.


NordstromSlips are a must-have. Try to keep as many different lengths as possible in your lingerie drawer -- but I find a half-slip like this Chartreuse Half-Slip (Nordstrom, $29) is the one I turn to most often. Slips eliminate panty lines under dresses and keep them from clinging to your rear.


NordstromOf course, you'll need something sexy to put on top of all that Spanx so that your lingerie drawer doesn't look like it belongs to a 65-year-old woman. No, I can't afford this Agent Provacateur Rosalyn Basque Slip either (Nordstrom, $154), but a girl can dream, right?

I've listed even more lingerie drawer essentials over at The Prowl. Check them out -- and follow me over there for more great fashion ideas! 


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