The Tacky Camouflage Trend Needs to Die Now

camouflage dressI know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this, but flipping through a fashion magazine the other day, I came across yet ANOTHER "Camouflage Trend" feature and I wanted to poke my eyeballs out. WHY IS THIS A TREND? And, more interestingly: Why won't this awful trend DIE?

You know who I think looks great in camouflage?


People in the MILITARY, that's who. The rest of us just look like weird posers, in my (ever so humble) opinion. I mean, seriously. Why are we dressing up to look like people fighting in a war? What is glamorous or, God forbid, cute in any way about that? War is awful. War is pain, and suffering, and death, and missing limbs, and sacrifice, and PTSD, and veterans with permanent psychological damage.

What is the connection between any of that and a camouflage clothing slideshow for teenagers? Or a $3,000 camouflage rabbit fur coat:

camouflage coat

(Available at ... got your credit card handy?!)

Or even these more affordable, yet equally odd Rampage camouflage pumps?

camouflage pump

($34.99 at!)

I really do not get it. At the very best, it seems like a trite way to "pay homage" to something so very serious. But it's really more than that ... it seems actually insulting to the women and men who wear military uniforms. (And I say that as someone who has no great love or enthusiasm for war in general, or for our American wars of late.) Oh, how tres chic you look in that uniform! How very GI Joe! Look, now I have the same pattern on my high heels! Hot!

Not to mention the millions and millions of innocent people who have suffered from wars since the dawn of mankind. Yeah, that's a really stylish thought, right?!

Ug, I really just don't understand it. What do you think: Am I overthinking it or does this trend really just need to go away?!


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