Julianne Hough Looks So Gorgeous After Working Out It Just Isn't Fair (PHOTO)

Julianne HoughSigh. Check out just how put together and perfect Julianne Hough looks after working out. She's not the least bit sweaty (from what we can tell). Her hair is pulled back and casual -- but it still looks cute and doesn't even come close to resembling a post-exercise bird's nest.

And how about those trendy sunglasses she's wearing? Do they scream movie star or what? Paired with her sleek, black workout gear, she looks like she just stepped out of the pages of a fitness magazine. Oh, and another thing -- as if she didn't already have an amazing body, sticking to wearing all black makes her look even thinner than she already is.

Are you jealous yet? You should be.


I mean, come on -- have you ever looked that good after a workout? I know I sure haven't. Usually when I get done hitting the gym, I'm nothing short of a hot mess. Usually my hair is matted to my head, I've got a serious case of boob sweat seeping through the front of my shirt, and I'm so flushed and out of breath that you'd probably think I was having a heart attack if I weren't walking out of a fitness center.

I know Julianne is a dancer by trade so she's used to vigorous exercise, but it's still pretty amazing that she looks this polished. Hmm. Just to make ourselves feel better, let's go ahead and assume that she showered, blow-dried her hair, threw on a little tinted moisturizer to give her skin a nice, healthy glow, and changed into a fresh pair of workout clothes before this photo was taken.

Any scenario other than that really just isn't fair.

Do you ever look good after working out?


Image via Splash

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