Jennifer Aniston's Sexy Red Bikini Looks Strangely Familiar (PHOTO)

jennifer aniston in red bikiniAfter hitting red carpets and press junkets galore for We're the Millers, Jennifer Aniston must've decided it was time to take a well-deserved vacay. She and honey Justin Theroux jetted down to Los Cabos, Mexico on Monday to start fervently soaking up some sun and the company of good friends Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka.

And even though we know Jen probably has her pick of just about as much couture as a woman could wear, it looks like she may have packed light ... Because check it -- she's wearing the same exact teeny weeny red bikini and sarong that she rocked the last time paparazzi snapped pics of her in Cabo back in December! OMG, you guys, even Jennifer Aniston recycles bathing suits!


I feel like it's one thing to see celebs or public figures like Kate Middleton, First Lady Michelle Obama, etc. recycling shoes and dresses. But bathing suits seem like the kind of thing they'd think they could get away with having hundreds of. They're probably sent free ones all the time! (Actually, it's more like they're sent free entire Amazon wearhouses of clothes all the time.) But no matter! Jen still wants to wear her little red bikini! I love it.

I made a point to purchase a couple new bathing suits before my honeymoon, so I'd have three total. But I will probably wear the heck out of those three, mostly because A.) I don't live in California but also because B.) good, flattering, comfortable bathing suits can be sort of an investment -- and hard to find! So I have to admit, I do take heart in seeing that Jen seems to feel there's no problem with being a creature of habit when it comes to your swimwear! No need to worry about being photographed in it multiple times or worrying that you're wearing a stale look ... Comfort above all! And well, when you're Jen, hotness too.

How much do you love that Jen's so faithful to this one bikini? How often do you get a new bathing suit?


Image via News

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