Lucky Fan Saves Toni Braxton After Bare-Bottomed Wardrobe Malfunction (VIDEO)

toni braxtonToni Braxton suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction recently in which her bare bottom wound up being exposed while she was on stage in front of thousands. The singer was performing in New Jersey when she asked a male fan to join her on stage, and while the two were getting down, her low-back dress decided to get in on the fun, coming undone and dropping down, revealing her butt.

This is actually one of the few wardrobe malfunctions in celeb history that truly seems like an accident. Poor Toni gets super frantic after she realizes what's going on and tries to get help immediately. But talk about a happy accident for the fan. Not only did he get to dance with Toni Braxton, he got to save the damsel in distress by wrapping his coat around her to cover her up.

Check it out the not-really-safe-for-work video. (Maybe watch it on your phone during lunch or something.)


Poor Toni! She really looks like she didn't know what was going on! It's a good thing she was dancing with such a gentleman.

Toni commented on the incident, which happened a few days ago, saying, "All of a sudden the whole dress starts to fall apart and then I knew I was in trouble: 'Ok, something’s going on here' ... I had my Janet/Justin kinda moment." She then added, "I had to let them know that I wasn’t completely naked" about showing the audience her bodysuit.

Good call, Toni. But for the record, you were kind of naked. Not totally. But kind of. And hey, for what it's worth, you look good!

What do you think of Toni Braxton's wardrobe malfunction?


Image via Hot News/YouTube

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