Kate Middleton's Hair Almost Steals the Spotlight From Baby in Royal Family Portrait (PHOTO)


Prince William Kate Middleton

Well, I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised -- but have you seen just how perfect Kate Middleton looks in Prince George's official baby photos?

She's absolutely glowing. Her complexion is flawless. She doesn't have one hair out of place. Her dress is simply stunning. And considering her father was the one who took the pictures, it's not like she had a whole team of people there to make her look camera ready (other than a hairdresser), which makes her post-baby appearance even more enviable. And speaking of her hair -- doesn't it have more shine and volume than ever? It always looks good, but man, it's ridiculously gorgeous in this pic.

But before we delve even further into how much better she looks than your average new mom, it's important to point out that the dress she's wearing in the pics is a maternity frock, believe it or not.

It's made by Seraphine and retails for $79, which is actually pretty inexpensive considering she's royalty and all. But even though the dress is made to fit a woman's post-pregnancy body, it appears as though Kate has shed most, if not all of her baby weight in a few short weeks.

(Excuse me while I pause to go get a brownie to console myself with before continuing on with this post.)

Again, it's really not surprising that Kate is already thin again, since she didn't really gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy. But still -- it's hard not to be just a little bit jealous, as most of us spend months and months trying to get back to our pre-baby size to no avail.

Ok, back to the glow she has going on. Isn't there something so ... motherly about Kate in the new photos? She just looks so calm, relaxed, and blissfully happy -- which makes her even more beautiful than she already is. (And if George isn't sleeping through the night, you'd never guess. Kate looks well rested, don't you think?) Being a mom certainly agrees with her, and seeing her in that role makes us love her even more.

What do you think of Kate's post-baby look?


Image via royal family

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I think Lupo stole the spotlight!

nonmember avatar Sarah

Mary, Mary... always so jealous of celebrities.

becky... beckylund

She is stunning. She enhances what a beautiful family they are. I don't believe for one minute that she is so self centered that she would take away from her handsome little man or her husband. If you've got it...flawnt it, and she's go it!!

Hekatesdaughter Rhiannon

if George isn't sleeping through the night , she has tons of ppl that are PAID and she's certainly not going to be woken up, let alone even mentioned to.
This article is comparing a rich, royal lady to your average mom, she probably won't even really have to change diapers, or nappies, or however you wanna call them .

Deb Daniel Jansons

Rhiannon....you don't read much do you???  According to everything out there, William even changed the "nappy" while still at the hospital.  They also do not have "tons of people that are paid" to help with their beautiful baby boy.  Will, Kate and George have been staying with her PARENTS and taking care of him themselves. 

Kate is a very beautiful young woman and  I think that you are just jealous of that fact.  Get a life!

Hekatesdaughter Rhiannon

yeah ONE ...to pretend... and pose for the cameras? lol like we believe he does that every day. suuuure

nonmember avatar 2201 East

She looks wonderful! Good for her. What else do you expect a person to say?

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