Demi Lovato's Makeup Free Selfie Is Shockingly Honest (PHOTO)

demi lovatoSure, Lady Gaga has been exposing what her face looks like "nude" more often these days, and Britney Spears's laidback-in-sweatpants look isn't anything new ... But it really isn't every day that we see what pop stars look like when they first roll out of bed in the morning. Maybe that's one reason Demi Lovato recently took to Instagram to share what she looks like sans makeup and in a plain ol' v-neck tee, shorts, and glasses.

"Was sooooooo sleepy yesterday #TCAs," the X Factor judge wrote. In other words, she was up late the night before thanks to the Teen Choice Awards, where she performed her new single "Made in the U.S.A." with Nick Jonas. Thus, it's no wonder she woke up exhausted and looking like a ... oh, I don't know, totally normal, not at all glam 20-year-old! How shockingly refreshing!


This isn't the first time Demi's "bared all" via social media to make a point. In April, she tweeted, "Ladies, be brave today. Take off your make-up and stop using those filters! WE are beautiful!!!" Aww! LOVE IT.

And love how outspoken she is about embracing natural, realistic beauty. How she's rallying followers to do the same. Which I'd venture to guess is even easier for them to do when they see that Demi's the kind of star who practices what she preaches ... and has no problem going totally shockingly makeup-free in front of a camera from time to time.

What do you think about Demi's selfie?


Image via ddlovato/Instagram

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