LeAnn Rimes Flaunts Bangin' Body in Skimpy White Bikini (VIDEO)

LeAnn RimesGuess what? LeAnn Rimes is showing off her bikini body again -- but I can't really say that I blame her considering how fit, toned, and healthy she's looking these days.

She chose this tiny white two-piece to strut her stuff in while having some fun in the sun with her girlfriends in Cabo San Lucas. It's clear that she felt beyond confident in a suit most of us could only hope to squeeze ourselves into.

And besides posting photos of herself and her friends on Twitter, she also uploaded a video to Vine where she's seen dancing around in the white bikini and having a grand old time doing it.


Sigh. Must be nice to have the bod to pull off dancing to mariachis in a swimsuit without anything jiggling incessantly. (Again, no wonder she had no qualms about getting her groove on.)

And aside from the skimpiness of the bikini -- you gotta be pretty ballsy to wear something white, especially if you plan on taking a dip in the ocean from time to time. White is notorious for being see-through, though somehow I'm guessing this particular suit is top quality, not some cheap version that won't leave anything to the imagination should it get wet.

LeAnn takes a lot of criticism for various reasons -- but I really don't think anyone can argue that she has an awesome bod. She should go ahead and show it off as much as she wants while she still can. Eventually pregnancy, getting older, or a combination of both are going to catch up with her, so she might as well get her flaunt on and be proud doing it.

What do you think of LeAnn's white bikini?


Image via Vine

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