How Much Do You Tip During the Holidays?

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Tis the season to tip bigger? During the holidays, lots of people dig deeper into their pockets when tipping, especially to the salon you always go to, your dependable babysitter, or the paper boy or girl. I'm talking about a tip on top of the customary tip we usually give. Though lots also give tips to people we usually don't tip, like UPS workers or garbage men.

But this year, when we're all on edge with money concerns, how deep can we really dig?


CafeMoms in the group Money & Work were discussing extra tips for the holiday season. Bmat says she tips her mailman and hairdresser. But anonymous said no -- they already make enough money as it is.

There is another discussion going on in The CafeMom Newcommers Club about extra tipping for the holidays and MiasMamma123 brings up a really good point. She says that if you go out to eat on the holidays, remember that your server has to work, meaning they are away from their family. Most restaurants require that everyone works, so I think a few extra bucks for good service, if you can spare, is a nice gesture.

Brooke208 makes a great point. She says not to forget babysitters or day care workers. And even if you can't give that much, a thoughtful card or little bag of candy is a nice gift.

What about you? What's your policy on tipping during the holidays?


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