Beyonce Booed on Stage but Not Because of Her New Hair

BeyonceTwo weeks ago Beyonce made us gasp when she tweeted a picture of herself sporting a closely cropped pixie cut. Then she confused us by strutting around Miami last week in a chin-length bob. We wondered if she was having regrets? Was she having an identity crisis? Mostly we wondered how her performances would be without all that long, flowing hair?

This weekend we got our answer. She took to the stage at the V Festival in England, and she showed off that new bob. She was met with boos.


The boos weren't for her hair though. Instead, fans were reportedly cranky after she was 20 minutes late and they had to stand in the pouring rain waiting for Queen Bey. Oops, but hey, things happens, and according to The Age, she later thanked fans. "Thank you all so much for waiting in the rain ... Now let's have some fun in the rain. It feels good doesn't it."

As for her hair, it deserved a standing ovation. While the first pictures of her we saw last week were a little concerning, the ones we're seeing from the V Festival look amazing. It's sexy, sassy, and light, and I'm sure this picture of her will be taken into thousands of hairstylists around the world this week with women requesting the same cut. Actually I may be one of them as I'm loving it.

She can flip it about so much easier, and my lord, it's got to be much cooler. Plus, she just looks so polished, chic, and younger. Not that she looked anything close to old and haggard before, but I think the cut definitely took several years off her face.

Buzzfeed has a great array of shots from the show you can check out for more glimpses of this great cut. I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I think I like it better than her long locks. Rock on, Bey. 

Do you like Beyonce's bob? Does it look better on stage than you thought it would? 


Image via Splash

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