5 Nice Ways to Tell Your Friend She Looks Terrible

bad outfitMost women know about the "girl code." It basically means any guy your friend has ever dated is officially off-limits. But that's not the only issue it covers. I say the girl code also includes style advice. For example, what do you do when your pal walks in with a too-tight dress that shows off every inch of cellulite or jeans that give her multiple muffin tops? When she asks what you think about her outfit, you don't want to hurt her feelings, but no legit BFF would let her leave the house looking like a fashion disaster.

It's not always easy to say, especially if your friend loves her look, but you have to be honest. Here are 5 tactful ways to tell her she looks terrible.

  1. The Sly Approach: Surprise her with a new skirt, shirt, or jeans to replace the ill-fitting ones. "These look waayyyy better. Totally hot. Ditch that other pair."
  2. Be Bold: "Girl, I know you aren't walking out the door like that."
  3. Offer Your Assistance: "You have sooo many cute looks in your closet that I love. Let's pick something else out."
  4. Go Shopping: Offer to hit the mall with her to help revamp her wardrobe.
  5. Watch & Learn: Convince her to watch a style makeover show with you. Maybe she'll pick up a few tips.

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Remember, you are not doing this to be catty or mean. Think of it like telling her there was food stuck to her teeth or toilet paper on her shoe. You wouldn't think twice about saving her from that embarrassment. You want her to look her best because you love her. And hopefully she would do the same for you.

Have you ever had to do a style intervention with a friend?


Image via Frank Kovalchek/Flickr

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