Jennifer Aniston's Girly Dress Doesn't Help Put Those Pregnancy Rumors to Rest

Jennifer Aniston usually hits a home run in the fashion department, so I'm not sure what to make of this latest ensemble. She showed up at the London premiere of her latest flick, We're the Millers, looking very girlish in a floral print skater dress that took years off her age and showed off her lean tanned legs. But the messy hair? The width of the dress? Hmm.


Jen seems to be taking a page out of the Kristen Stewart hairstyle playbook with messy waves that make it look like she just crawled out of bed and sauntered to the movie theater.

And the dress is cute. I like flowers on women of all ages. Why not? Jen looks so young and fresh. She can wear a dolly dress if she wants. Okay, it looks a little like an apron, but ...

Something about the waist of the dress gives Jen a wide look. I know there's been a lot of talk about Jen being pregnant lately -- lately? more like permanently -- but she says she just gained a couple of pounds.

But the dress looks suspiciously like it was chosen to hide her tummy. Hey, I'm not saying she's knocked up -- just saying. Maybe she was tired of all of the pregnancy rumors that got set off by her last choice, a tight, sleek dress that made her look like she had a slight baby bump.

So yay or nay on the outfit? I honestly can't decide. And I'm paid to decide things, people. So this is tough.

Looking at it closely again, I'm gonna go with nay. Makes her look too frumpy. It's hard to make Jen look frumpy, but this dress manages it.

And not really digging the hair. Well, maybe I do. Ack. This is tough, people! Help me!

Do you like Jen's look?


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