8 Ways to Do the High-Waisted Trend & Look Super Sexy (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Aug 15, 2013 Beauty & Style

retro bikini mod clothIt certainly took long enough, but thankfully it seems like extremely low-cut jeans, swimsuits, pants, etc., are out. High-waisted clothing is suddenly making a comeback.

Yes, my friends -- gone are the days of worrying about exposing our butt cracks in a pair of designer jeans or having to shave and do extra crunches like a mad woman before hitting the beach. Covering up your lower half is where it's at -- and I think I speak for most women when I say none of us are complaining.

From bikinis to denim, check out some of the hottest high-waisted styles women are wearing in the photos below.


Image via modcloth.com

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