Farrah Abraham’s Super Low-Cut Dress Is Exactly What NOT to Wear to a Wedding (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamYou know what you should wear to your friend's wedding? A really low-cut, sparkly number that looks like something a contestant on Dancing With the Stars would wear for their Samba number. Said no one ever. Apparently, Farrah Abraham begs to differ, though. The Backdoor Teen Mom star evidently thinks this is the perfect thing to wear to the nuptials of someone you know. But I'm kinda thinking no one (ever) should heed this advice, as this is also a woman who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to take a video of herself in church, asking her "fans" what they think of her outfit.

Oh, and then there's also was that porn thing.


From the neck up, Farrah looks great. Her hair is pulled back into a chignon; her makeup looks good; she has cute little dangly earrings on. But everything below her head is just ... no. If there are two cardinal rules for attire at weddings, it's don't wear white, and don't wear what Farrah Abraham is wearing.

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I can't imagine that this purple sparkly number didn't detract from the bride at all, and that had to have annoyed the woman getting married. Also, from the looks of the people in the background of the video, it seems like it was a somewhat conservative bunch. Lots of darker colors and long sleeves. Farrah must have stuck out like a sore thumb.

When you're attending a wedding, guys, please. Don't dress like this. In fact, dress the opposite of this. Pick up an article of clothing and ask yourself: Would Farrah Abraham wear this? And if your answer is no, buy it.

Thoughts on Farrah's wedding attire?


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