5 Ways to Get Custom-Made Makeup That Fits You Perfectly

PerscriptivesThe world of beauty products can be vast and mysterious -- so many brands, and every brand has SO MANY choices! While I love experimenting with and trying on new products, it's good to know that when you know exactly what you want, or when you can't find exactly what you need ... you can get exactly that. Whether you've got fair, translucent skin or a beautiful dark complexion, it can sometimes be hard to find just the right foundation, which is where custom blend makeup can be a lifesaver. But even if you don't need a custom foundation, there are some really fun ways to get the perfect, totally original lipstick shade, or even a totally "you" nail art design or nail polish. FUN!



1. Perscriptives.com. This line has been around since 1979, and it's currenly only available online. They offer a video service, where you can chat with a "PX Beauty Genius" to create custom blend a foundation and/or powder shade that's perfectly matched to your skin tone. You can also customize the coverage level you want, as well as which age-defying and skin care ingredients you'd like in your formula.

BITE Beauty

2. BITE Beauty. The all-natural lip collection from Canada is available at Sephora, but if you live in NYC area, you can pay a visit to BITE's recently opened pop-up retail shop. There, you can visit the custom lipstick lab and lip bar, and not only get a lip color consultations, but mix up your very own custom lipstick. You can even add a flavor, if you want ... cherry, mint or berry?

Keira Knightley   James Righton Got Married!3. Jamberry Nails. Dedicated soley to nail art wraps, this site offers a ton of designs. But if you don't see exactly what you want, their nail art studio allows you to upload your own photo or pattern and create your nail wraps out of that! SO. FUN.

4. GIELLA.com. GIELLA is available in a handful of salon and retail locations, but you can also order via their website. Using their online tools, you can customize everything from nailpolish to blush.


5. Lilie Makeup. Lilie focuses on lip products, allowing you to custom blend lipsticks and gloss pots online. They use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in their products, so you don't have to worry about eating your lipstick off along with your lunch! You can also send in a sample of your favorite discontinued lipstick and they'll match it for you!

Have you ever tried customized makeup?


Images via Perscriptives.com and BITE Beauty

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