Jennifer Aniston Would Rather Shave Her Head Than Have 'The Rachel' Haircut Again

rachel haircut friendsJennifer Aniston might be an icon, but just like the rest of us, she's had (at least, what she sees as) less-than-shining style choices. There's one in particular that will probably haunt her for the rest of her life: The "Rachel" haircut. Suuure, it will be remembered as an iconic 'do coveted by women all over the world in the mid-'90s. But Jen has no interest in reliving those days!

During a recent radio interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, she was asked, "Would you rather have the Rachel haircut for the rest of your life or shave your head once?" Can you guess what she chose?


To shave it, of course!

Jen responded immediately:

Shave my hair once, definitely. 'The Rachel' for the rest of my life? Shave my head once! Yeah, I'd shave my head once!

Ha, unsurprising! If you know Jen, you know she LOATHED that haircut. She told Marie Claire earlier this summer:

'The Rachel' was horrible! I'd curse [hairstylist] Chris [McMillan] every time I had to blowdry. It took three brushes -- it was like doing surgery!

OMG, she's so right. And why didn't anyone ever tell us that?! Seriously -- I remember women asking for it all the time circa 1995, and they thought it would just flip into shape on its own, but noooo way! Especially not if you're even remotely prone to frizz! What a disaster.

And even if the styling wasn't such a nightmare, I do not blame Jen for one second for never wanting to have that cut again. Not only did she have to put up with it on her own head and then see it all over the place on other women, but it's so dated and practically SCREAMS 1994-1995!

Honestly, one of my style pet peeves is when I see someone with an obviously dated haircut that should have disappeared off the face of the planet a long time ago -- like an '80s shag, a Billy Ray mullet, Farrah Fawcett hair, etc. No. There's no reason to relive those cringe-worthy styles from the past. We all need to move on! Anyone who is even slightly sentimental about the "The Rachel," that means you.

Are you surprised by Jen's response? How did/do you feel about that haircut?


Image via NBC

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