Maci Bookout’s Red Lips & Sexy Outfit Steal the Show at Her Birthday Party (PHOTO)

maci bookoutHave you perused Maci Bookout's Instagram lately? Really, you should. There are some incredibly adorable photos on there. Take this shot she posted yesterday of her at her birthday party. Cuteness abounds! The long hair -- are those extensions? The black outfit -- is that a strapless romper? And of course -- the red lips. Love.

If there's one thing no redhead should ever go without, it's a good red lipstick. For they can rock it like none other. Maci, you look good, girl.

Wearing red lipstick, sadly, is not for everyone. But when you've been blessed with red hair (or dyed your hair red), it should be your go-to. No need to roll out of bed and load up on a bright red gloss, but when you're getting dressed up, it truly is no-fail for a redhead. 

A few things you may want to take into consideration, though:

  • Don't match your lipstick to your hair. Pick a color that's a little bit darker or brighter than your hair color. Doing the former can wash you out a bit.
  • Don't go crazy with the eye makeup when you're doing a red lip. Red lips are bold enough on their own. Maci looks like she did both an intense eye and lip, but it's okay. It was for her birthday.
  • If you have really fair skin, go for a bolder red. If you're complexion is warmer, try a darker red.

So, go on, redheaded friend, start experimenting with those red lipsticks a la Maci Bookout. If not for yourself, for the rest of us who can't wear it. We're very jealous of you.

Do you wear red lipstick?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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nonmember avatar melissa

I've gotta say she looks great, but I'm a red head and I have never been able to pull off red lipstick no matter what shade :( guess I can keep dreaming lol

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