2013 Teen Choice Awards: The 6 Best & Worst Looks (PHOTOS)

nina dobrevThe 2013 Teen Choice Awards were last night, and like all awards shows, it was all about the fashion. Like the VMAs, the Teen Choice Awards are one of those fun Hollywood ceremonies, because they're less formal -- and less formal means more wild fashion, which, come on, who doesn't love?

Check out six looks from last night's awards show: Three of which we loved, three of which we ... not so much.

Image via Splash

  • Best: Selena Gomez




    Selena Gomez's look for the Teen Choice Awards was, in a word, perfect. The color, the length, the shoes. All together, it was sheer awesomeness.

  • Worst: Harry Styles




    Is that Johnny Depp right there? Oh no, it's just Harry Styles, looking ... so not like Harry Styles. While everyone's favorite One Direction member still is cute, um, what the heck happened to him? We all love tats, but is this outfit centered around them?

  • Best: Kerry Washington




    While some may think a dress with lips and hearts and -- are those matches? -- is weird (and they'd be right), Kerry is owning this dress. The color, the length -- it all looks amazing on her. And what better place to try out something risky than the Teen Choice Awards?

  • Worst: Bella Thorne




    While Bella Thorne would look beautiful in a burlap sack, this dress does nothing for her. The palm trees are cute, but it kind of looks like she's wearing a sweatshirt here.

  • Best: Nina Dobrev




    Ian Somerhalder, get a load of what you're missing! Love that Nina took a chance with this risky -- and risque -- splatter paint, low-cut pants suit. And the shoes and clutch bag couldn't be more perfect.

  • Worst: Miley Cyrus




    Bo-ring! For most, this would be a cah-raaazy outfit! But for Miley, it's same old, same old. In fact, it almost seems like this is something we've already seen Miley in before. But we haven't. We're just used to seeing her in short, black, revealing things. Snore.


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