Wedge Sneakers Are So Hideous I Refuse to Ever Try Them

You guys, I don't know if this makes me just super un-trendy and lame or what, but I HATE the wedge sneaker trend! They've been around for a little while and show no signs of disappearing any time soon, alas. I just do not get them AT ALL.

Can you even guess how much the ones shown here cost? I bet you can't. Go ahead, guess! ...


Well, these Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Suede Wedge Sneakers can be yours for a mere $895 at! What a bargain, right?!

There are many celebrities and fashion editors who would disagree with me on this anti-wedge sneaker stance. In fact, I probably have a few friends who own a pair or two (sorry, gals! I love you!). But why, I say. WHY? What is the point? The WHOLE REASON for wearing sneakers is that they're supposed to be comfortable and easy to, you know, run around in. Right? If you're going to wear a heel, then why wouldn't you wear a boot? Or a sexy wedge heel?


I will say that some wedge sneakers are somewhat more appealing to me than others, like, for example, the Puma "Sky Wedge" sneakers, on sale for $59.99 at

Puma wedge

I mean, these look somewhat comfortable, if a 3-inch wedge on top of a 3/4-inch platform could ever be considered comfortable. But I still think I'd feel absurd wearing them.

Maybe my problem is that I'm already almost 5'10", so I don't really need anything that gives me extra height. I love high heels because I think they're sexy and they make my legs look good (something wedge sneakers are not and would not do!), but not because they make me taller.

Or maybe the problem is that wedge sneakers are just generally ugly and ridiculous!

What do you think? Am I just a lame-o who should give wedge sneakers a try? Or do you agree they should just vanish, and pronto!?

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