Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Bikini Pic Shows How Cute Sister Style Should Look (PHOTO)

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kourtney kim kardashianLove 'em or loathe 'em, reality show sisters -- and now both moms! -- Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are trendsetters and stylemakers. So it's not uncommon to find them flaunting their latest looks everywhere from the covers of the celeb weeklies to their Instagram accounts. Even their "Throwback Thursday" pics taken a while back are sure to garner attention. Take, for instance, the cute shot Kourtney posted the other day of the pair on the beach, wearing coordinating, brightly-hued bikinis. Yeah, they look pretty awesome.

Not much explanation for why she posted this one in particular, but maybe she's just showing some sisterly love and support? 

I wouldn't be surprised if it was meant as a reassurance to Kim that she'll get her pre-baby body back ... or maybe a reassurance to them both, if rumors that Kourtney's expecting her third are true?! Regardless, what's not to love about the look? 

There's something beyond cringe-worthy about matching your sister after, I dunno, you hit junior high age. But coordinating is a whole different story. I loved that at my bridal shower, my red dress coordinated with my sister-turned-Maid of Honor's pumps. Just sort of helped us present a "united front" in a cute, fun way, you know?

And the Kardashian sisters are pros at coordinating in a totally non-cringe-worthy way. (Have you seen their Kardashian Kollection ads? Even the Keeping Up with the Kardashian promos?!) They're probably so used to doing it that they do it on their days off and at the beach. Nah, these bikinis aren't as coordinated as it gets, but they're similar enough ... Goes to show that even when they're not dressing alike on purpose, the K sisters are in sync. Momager Kris would be proud!

Do you think it's cute to coordinate styles with your sibling or friend?


Image via KourtneyKardash/Instagram

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katyq katyq

Kim is totally pear shaped

Melan... MelanieJK

No,    I don't think it would be cute for average/ramdom people to coordinate with siblings at their age.     I'm not sure that I'd interpret this as suggesting that the trend is for sisters to coordinate though.    They're in the fashion/celebrity business together so it's like a performance or photo shoot.

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