Eyelash Curlers Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be So Don’t Waste Your Money

eyelash curlerEyelash curlers always seemed so glamorous to me as a kid; something only a truly grown up movie star would use. (I watched a lot of American Movie Classics as a child!) But I've never really gotten into them as an adult. I know some people swear by them, and I always see makeup artists using them backstage at fashion shows, so I figured I'd give a few a whirl and see if this is what my lashes have been missing all this time.

In short?


Well, they're kind of fun, and they MIGHT make a SLIGHT difference, but on my lashes at least, theyr'e really not worth the money or effort. I was kind of disappointed!

For my experiment, I tried three different versions:

MAKE eyelash curler from the UK (I can't even find a link!), a Sephora collection eyelash curler ($17 at Sephora), and Sally Hansen Sexy Curls ($3.70 at Drugstore.com).

So ... here's what my eyes look like naked:

And here's what they look like with mascara -- only one of them has been curled. Can you tell which one? I can't!

(It's the eye on your left.)

Here's a shot with both lashes curled plus mascara:


And here's both NOT curled, with mascara:


I dunno ... the one on the right looks identical to me in the top and bottom photos. The one on the left is definitely a little clumpy in the bottom photo, so maybe the eyelash curler helped a little bit?

I think what is making the most difference is the actual MASCARA. In all these shots, I used my trusty Covergirl Lash Blast Voluminizing mascara in "very black". ($6.23 at Drugstore.com)

My favorite eyelash curler was the Sephora brand one -- it just seemed easiest to use.


Did it make a difference? I could barely tell!

What do you think - am I doing something wrong or not seeing the difference? Or are eyelash curlers a waste of moola?

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