Stacy Keibler Looks Like a Completely Different Person After Breakup With George Clooney (PHOTO)

Stacy KeiblerHere's one girl who's not sitting at home post-breakup, clutching the the remote and a pint of Ben and Jerry's! George Clooney's latest ex Stacy Keibler looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Line Magazine's fall issue -- and hardly recognizable!

The glamazon professional wrestler turned actress reportedly broke things off with cool cat Clooney because the perennial bachelor wanted to stay just that: A perennial bachelor. Well, I'm pretty sure that Keibler isn't going to have a hard time finding new love, with a face like that. And can we just talk about this gorgeous beauty look for a minute?


Talking to People Magazine, Keibler said, "This was my absolute favorite shoot to date. It was so fun to try different and more dramatic looks. It felt almost theatrical."

This is a pretty big departure from Keibler's usual modern golden girl style. Whether walking the Oscars red carpet in glittering gold or being snapped in casual clothes while on vacation with Clooney,  yacht, Keibler typically has a clean, fresh look that works well with her statuesque features (and bangin' body!).

Aveda sweet plumHowever, I'm really loving the edgy, kind of goth-bohemian vibe Keibler has going on in the Line shoot, with her flawless, pale skin, glam smoky eyes, and that ultra sexy deep plum lipstick. I tend to either go for stronger eyes OR stronger lips, but this looks just beautiful. And even though it's for for a fashion editorial, not a day at the office, I'd totally steal this look for a special night out.

The key to working this look is a very simple, plain but flawless as possible face: Maybe a little foundation and powder, but not a lot, and just a but of blush to bring out your cheekbones. Next: Your smoky eye in black, dark gray or brown -- or even a slightly metallic smoky eye. And finally, a deep, rich plum lipstick, like Aveda limited edition "Nourish-mint" smoothing lip color in "sweet plum." ($16 at

What do you think of Stacy Keibler's transformation?


Image via Line Magazine

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