Beyonce Shocks Us All by Cutting Off Her Hair (PHOTO)

BeyonceHoly crap, Beyonce cut off her hair!!!! Her long, gorgeous, glossy, curly or straight, always looks like it's blowing in the wind HAIR!!! Maybe it's cause she got her hair caught in a fan recently, 'memba that? I have long hair and it's gotten caught in some weird places too, but girlfriend, I ain't cuttin' it all off!!! You be crazy cuttin' off that delectable HAIR!!! THAT HAIR!!! Beyonce's hair, y'all!!! OMG, will she still have a career?? Will Jay-Z leave her??? Will her baby not recognize her??? How does Beyonce cut off her hair?!!!


Okay. I'm calm. I'm calming down now.


Beyonce posted a photo of herself on Instagram looking more like Jean Seberg with a pixie cut. Other celebs who went pixie include Emma Watson, Halle Berry, and Miley Cyrus. Gwyneth Paltrow had one ages ago after she and Brad Pitt broke up.

Anyway, um, now that I look a little more closely, I can see that, um ... She looks good! She looks hot. Let's face it, Beyonce would look hot with no hair. With green hair. With vomit hair.

Speaking of vomit, she's a new mom. Think of the freedom you get without all that hair. No baby grabbing on to it like she's grabbing on to the side of a sheer cliff drop and will die if she doesn't cling to that hair for her very life ...

No spit-up in hair. No vomit in hair. No poop in hair. (It happens.)

No hair getting caught in fans!!!

I've always thought about cutting my hair, which has literally been no shorter than down to my ears since the moment I was born. But I don't have the guts. You've got to be VERY confident to do it. You've got to have a certain kind of face too. Like a Beyonce face. Which I don't have. Only Beyonce does.

But ... is she still Beyonce? Beyonce without hair is kinda like, I dunno, Ian Somerhalder without the possibility of being cast as Christian Grey. Just very different and weird and she kinda loses some of her magic.

Just a bit.

But, let's face it, all that hair might have been a weave or wig anyway, and she's gonna just put on another weave or wig in like three days.

What do you think of Beyonce's haircut?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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