5 Celebrities Who Are Almost Unrecognizable Without Their Fake Eyelashes (PHOTOS)

julianne mooreNot all of us are born with giant, Kardashian-esque lashes. In fact, the Kardashians weren't even born with giant, Kardashian-esque lashes. Most celebs, even when they're going for a natural look, sport false eyelashes or lash extensions 99 percent of the time we see them. And let me tell you, false lashes go a long way.

Check out these 5 celebs without their fake eyelashes. It's crazy what a big difference something so small makes.

Do you wear fake lashes ever?

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Eye lashes are just part of the make-up arsenal, so if these "stars" are make-up free,why would they be wearing lashes?I do have a problem with mascara ads however, saying how long it will make your lashes when the models are clearly wearing fake lashes. I thought there were laws against that.Something went wrong with "truth in advertising'.

nonmember avatar itstinksinhere

most celebs frankly do not have naturally attractive faces. an arsenal of products for their faces is needed and I am so glad I don't share in this burden.

Melan... MelanieJK

I don't think pictures of them with no eye makeup at all is a realistic representation of the impact of fake lashes.     We need to see them made up but without the lashes.    

I think I sorta remember experimenting with them as a teen but they didn't look/feel good so I determined that doing it right would be too much time and effort. 

Sanct... Sanctimommy

Russel Brand is kind of a dick, yo. I've always had thick long eyelashes. One day they will be thin and possibly short. As you age, you lose your eyebrows and lashes. And I'm well overdue for that. I'm in my forties.

nonmember avatar nevah

I tried wearing fake eyelashes before and have many friends who still do. They look great, the downside is that the "eyelash glue" rips your real lashes out.

nonmember avatar Lee

Kelly Ripa "looks fantastic without makeup"?? What picture are YOU looking at? She's busted even WITH makeup, look again, with glasses!

nonmember avatar Lee

That is the ugliest bunch of "celebs" I've ever seen, with or without fake lashes!

Jules Winnfield

Good lord Eva Longoria must spend 5+ hours in a makeup chair every day because she is butt ugly with out the makeup

nonmember avatar LadyK

Instead of the hateful comments, I would think that people would be relieved to see that celebrities are just like the rest of the human race; there's no such thing as perfection. Women beat themselves up for not being able to achieve what they believe is the standard of beauty that is acceptable to society. I think that it's good for young women to see that these people are not perfect and have flaws just like everyone else. I think if people stopped buying the nonsense magazines that shout out "Sexiest Man/Woman Alive" and other ridiculous claims, everyone would be a lot better for it. Even the celebrities try to attain a ridiculous standard by having their faces and bodies operated on by greedy plastic surgeons who should tell them that the surgery is not only not needed, but will ruin any natural attractiveness they actually have. And magazines should really stop touching up photos to the point that the celebrities look like something they are not. The entire world would be better off if people would just be what they are.

KLani KLani

I knew them all but Katy Perry

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