'RHOBH' Yolanda Foster Looks Unbelievable in a Bikini & No Makeup (PHOTO)

yolanda fosterYolanda Foster's home-grown lemons aren't the only thing she ought to brag about. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently posted a bikini photo to a private photo journal Twitter, and Christ on a cracker, she looks good. It's hard to believe Foster is 49. The woman doesn't look a day over 33. What's your secret, Yo-Yo?


Well, actually, maybe a more appropriate question for Foster would be: "Do you mind lending me a million dollars so I can look like you?" We all know Foster takes her health and her appearance very seriously. Throughout the entire past season of RHOBH, she was cleansing, running, squatting, drinking weird drinks, etc. Yolanda is without question a gorgeous woman, but no doubt it takes a lot of money to look that good. And hey, you'd probably look that stunning, too, if you were on a gorgeous beach in Puerto Rico without a care in the world.

Yolanda, whatever you're doing, keep doing it. You look stunning. And, seriously, can I borrow a million dollars? Okay, fine, $500 grand. I'm good for it, I swear. No? Okay, that's cool.

How fantastic does Yolanda Foster look?


Image via Yolanda Foster/Twitter

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