'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock's Engagement Gown Was Her Best Look Yet

desiree hartsock with finace chris siegfriedAfter last night's Bachelorette season finale, we can't stop discussing how Desiree Hartsock ended up with Chris Siegfried after professing her love for Brooks Forester. But that's not the only thing worth buzzing about! How about the gorgeous, cream tulle mermaid Randi Rahm "Amanda" gown she wore during the proposal?!

I have to admit ... Even though Des is a professional bridal stylist with an eye for fashion, I haven't been a fan of every look she's sported throughout the season. Some have looked downright '90s prom, including her high-necked silver premiere dress. But there were also moments when she hit it out of the park -- like in that incredible, vibrant royal blue gown she designed and wore on the third episode -- and I actually really dug the colorful, island-couture top and shorts she wore when she was breaking up with Drew last night! But her finale gown was a unquestionably a HIT. Not to mention that it was so fitting.


When we first saw the Swarovski-appliqued gown hanging in her closet, we should have known she was going to say yes to his proposal! It was the closest you can get to bridal without being a poufy white dress!

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I actually know a bride who wore that color at her June wedding this year ... And my bridesmaids' dresses had exactly the same one-shoulder, tulle-draped-over-a-sweetheart-neckline bodice. So it's no wonder that standing side-by-side after Chris popped the question and Des accepted, the two looked ready to walk down the aisle -- or like they already had!

When the time to say "I do" finally comes, Des may be wearing one of her own designs. And I'd say more power to her for that, but she definitely has one challenge ahead of her ... outdoing her engagement look!

What do you think of Des's finale gown? How do you think her wedding dress should differ from this?


Image via ABC

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