Britney Spears' Skin-Tight Church Outfit Would Make God Blush

Britney SpearsBritney Spears hasn't exactly been known for her classy fashion style throughout the years, so I guess it shouldn't be a huge surprise that she was spotted in Los Angeles over a hot, sunny weekend decked out in her Sunday finest: A skintight turtleneck sweater dress with knee-high suede spiked-heeled boots. What does come as a tiny bit of a shock though is where Brit was headed: To church!


Britney and her latest boyfriend, David Lucado, were spotted in Thousand Oaks, California headed to "religious services" -- though I'm not totally sure what kind. Not with that outfit.

And what's up with the messy overly-bleached hair bun? And that strange X-like design between her boobs?

But back to the dress -- is this what people are wearing to church these days? As I recall, church was a time to wear some kind of modest, flowery concoction.

Though I guess this is modest for Brit. Imagine if she'd walked in in that belly-baring outfit with the snake over her shoulders a la the MTV Video Music Awards.

But those boots? Those are F-me boots. Not Jesus boots. And the skirt was so short I hope she wasn't sitting in the front row or surely even the most stalwart man of God would have a moment or two of disorientation.

And can we talk about the bf for a sec? The vest, the wrinkly chinos, the sneaks? Oof. But at least these two are in sync with their fashion style. They've previously been seen around town looking less than presentable. But still. This is CHURCH.

Oh, but wait. WAIT! Brit was raised Baptist, but then reportedly converted to Kabbalah, a new agey-Judaism based religion/philosophy popular with celebrities, which she was introduced to by (of course!) Madonna. (It had to be Madonna or Demi Moore.)

So Kabbalah probably isn't that concerned with modest dress, because Brit was photographed heading to services in January in a skintight black miniskirt, see-through ruffled blouse, and orange bra.

I'm not even sure God can forgive an orange bra.

Is this outfit appropriate for church? Or anywhere?

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