Jennifer Aniston Goes Makeup-Free & the Result Is Stunning (PHOTO)

jennifer aniston we're the millers premiereJennifer Aniston's always been the definition of "aspirational." Her skin, her hair, her body (obviously) always seem so flawless, glowy, perfect that we're constantly coveting and/or envying all of those characteristics and more. This has especially been the case as she's gotten up into her mid-40s. It almost seems like she's looking better and better. No wonder magazines love to tease that they've got the secret to her amazing looks. We are always going to EAT THAT UP.

But it also bears noting that plenty of times, we're looking at an airbrushed pic of the woman. Well, not today! Her stylist Chris McMillan posted a photo of him with Jen to Instagram, and the casual snapshot shows Jen in all her bare naked glory. Meaning, without a speck of makeup. Check it out ... 


jennifer aniston chris mcmillan Yeah, wow. Glowy, flawless, and just downright gorgeous doesn't even BEGIN to describe her, right? Sheesh! She doesn't even need mascara or high-end, HD foundation to look picture perfect. What a reality check!

Sure, Jen looks amazing on the red carpet, but she's also in couture and totally made-up. Of course she looks incredible on the big screen, but who knows what snazzy tricks have been pulled in post-production? Well, now, we have to face the music that the woman really IS as gorgeous as she appears ... naturally! Which makes her even more enviable. But hey, it's also motivation to eat clean and do lots of yoga!

What do you think about this makeup-free pic of Jen?


Image via Chris McMillan/Instagram

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