6 Surprising Celebrities Who Have Fake Hair (PHOTOS)

6 Surprising Celebrities Who Have Fake Hair  (PHOTOS)

lauren conradThere's a reason you often look at celebrities and think, "Damn. She's got nice hair." Because it's fake. Most celebrities, whether they've already got naturally nice locks or have fine, stringy hair like some of us (hi), have a little help when it comes to their tresses.

Stars may all be born a little more beautiful (on the outside) than the rest of the population, but doggone it, they've got some incredible "enhancements". Here are 6 surprising celebrities with hair extensions.

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  • Lauren Conrad




    Lauren "LC" Conrad is known for her gorgeous flowing locks. But if you watched the first season of Laguna Beach, you know that they aren't all hers. And hey, here's a pic of her getting her hair did!

  • Taylor Swift


    I don't know why, but for whatever reason, it never dawned on me that Taylor Swift, and all her glorious flowing locks, may have some help when it comes to her 'do. But the Daily Mail speculated that perhaps Taylor does wear extensions, due to photos in which her hair looks noticeably thinner. Too much time on their hands? Perhaps.

  • Naomi Campbell


    I wouldn't exactly call it surprising to learn that Naomi Campbell has fake hair. The gorgeous supermodel has had the exact same 'do since the early '90s and has been open about her use of extensions. But not that long ago, Campbell was seen sporting some serious bald patches, likely due to years of wearing extensions. Poor lady.

  • Selena Gomez


    Selena Gomez appears to have really nice hair to begin with. It's thick, it's full, it's shiny. But when the pop star wants a little length, she doesn't wait for her hair to grow out like the rest of us. She simply pops into her hair salon.

  • Miley Cyrus


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    Again, not really the shock of the century, learning Miley sported extensions for a long time. But what's kind of surprising is how she spoke of them to Harper's Bazaar executive editor, Laura Brown. Cyrus said of an old Bazaar cover she was on: "I have 350 extensions in my hair. That wasn't real. None of it was ever real ... that was not growing out of my head."

  • Kim Kardashian


    Just kidding. This one's totally not a surprise, but I'd be remiss if I wrote a post about hair extensions without mentioning the Queen O' Weaves. Kim certainly appears to have beautiful hair naturally, but the length? Um, not hers.

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