Get Maci Bookout's Perfect Summer Side Braid in 5 Easy Steps (PHOTO)

Maci Bookout Side BraidIn the heat of summer, you can't blame a lady for wanting to get long hair off of her neck and out of the way. Sure, women can opt for a simple ponytail or a fancier sock bun, but my personal favorite summer hairdo is the side braid. Playful and youthful, a side braid looks put-together but not too serious. Someone who is excellent at pulling off the fun summer look? None other than Teen Mom Maci Bookout.

With tresses that seem to go on for days, Maci has gotta appreciate the simplicity of a side braid when she doesn't feel like spending a ton of time on her hair. Want to snag her adorable look? Check out our 5 simple steps to the perfect side braid:


1. Get out the kinks: This is critical, especially for when you want to take the braid out at the end of the day. Brushing through your hair will eliminate knots and make hair easier to separate into sections.Side_Braid_How_To

2. Decide your braid of choice: There's nothing wrong with choosing to do a regular three-piece braid, but there are a limitless amount of options if you're willing to kick things up another notch. Check out our guide of 10 gorgeous braids you can easily do yourself.

3. Get all of your hair to one side: It may sound easy, just pulling it to the side, but in the process of setting your style, pieces fall out all over the place. Using some bobby pins that are similar to your hair color, pin the extra strands against the head to avoid loose ends.

4. Get to braiding: Feel free to keep things on the loose side if you want a more deconstructed style. For tips on how to make your braid messy without falling out, check out this awesome braiding tutorial from The Beauty Department.

5. Cement your style: Just like any other updo, it's important to give your braid a good dose of hairspray to keep things in place. Once you're all sprayed, you're good to go!

Are you a fan of the side braid hairstyle? Do you think Maci wears it well?


Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

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