5 Age-Defying Women Who Prove We Should All Shun the Sun

Yasmin Le BonTHIS is what age 48 looks like.Ah, aging. It's the great equalizer. Everyone gets to do it at some point, but if you bask in the sun, you'll get to do it a lot sooner than those who don't! Actress Kristen Scott Thomas recently said that women become invisible once they reach middle-age, which, okay, I can sort of see the point. Some women try a little too hard (plastics) to fight aging, but more times than not, premature aging is a direct result of frying in the sun in your younger years.

It is totally possible to be teetering on either side of 50 and be age-defyingly gorgeous, however. Take these 5 celebs below. Notice their un-tanned skin tones? Some 80-90 percent of the aging signs on our faces are due to photo-aging, aka: the sun. We bet these natural beauties' biggest anti-aging secret is not expensive treatments or creams, but simply shunning damaging ultra-violet rays. Everyone can afford that! Check these 5 incredibly unlined ladies out, and make them YOUR aging role models:

  • Salma Hayek, 46


    Salma has her own skin care line, which is a great incentive for keeping her skin in top shape. We don't know if its the magical South American ingredients in her products or just good genes that makes her look like 20 at middle age -- but whatever it is, it's working!

  • Yasmin Le Bon, 48


    Image via Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty

    Name not familiar? She's a bit under the radar now but Le Bon was one of THE supermodels of the 80s -- google her and you'll be stunned at how little she's changed. The half-Iranian, half-British mom of two is still happily married to former Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon after more than 20 years. And she's almost 50. Talk about having it all.

  • Sharon Stone, 55


    Image via Splash News

    Say what you will about Sharon Stone and her toyboys, but you gotta admit there isn't much difference between Sharon Stone in her 20s and Sharon Stone now. She still has the same chiseled bone structure and captivating eyes -- a few wrinkles around them, yes, but the rest of her skin is still taut and smooth. Stunning!

  • Kim Basinger, 59


    Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

    Who looks this perfect when they are sleeping? Who??? At 6 months away from 60???? Pale = perfection.


  • Kristen Scott Thomas, 53


    Image via Donald Bowers/Getty Images

    Including Kristen because she clearly is not giving her porcelain complexion enough credit. Plus we could still watch those steamy scenes in "The English Patient" over and over again. You still got it, girl.


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