Selena Gomez's Baggy Leather Pants Would Look Better on Justin Bieber (PHOTOS)

selena gomezI want you to close your eyes for a moment. Actually, open them. If we're going to have any kind of communication, you can't shut your eyes. But I want to ask you to envision leather pants. Are you envisioning? Okay, how are you picturing them? Are they tight? Are they paired with a platform stiletto? Maybe a slouchy black sweater a la Angelina Jolie? Or a red blazer a la Beyonce? You're not picturing ... baggy leather pants, right? Baggy leather pants would be weird. Baggy leather pants would be just ... no. The only person in the world who maybe/probably can get away with wearing loose-fitting sweatpant-like leather pants is Kanye West. So, Selena Gomez, what were you thinking when you stepped out in a pair, girl? Twice.


The gorgeous pop star was spotted not once, but twice in this baggy leather pant situation. Once at the airport with a sleeveless sweatshirt and hightop platform sneakers (actually, it kind of looked like something Justin Bieber might wear); and then again for a performance on Good Morning America, where she paired them with a tight, black, long-sleeved crop top.

Selena, you're a beautiful girl, and I do appreciate style that deviates from the norm, but I just can't get behind these pants. Leather ought to be tight. And it should never have a drawstring. And for what it's worth, few people could pull off tight leather pants better than you.

selena gomez

Baggy leather pants: Discuss.


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