JWoww Loses Her Signature ‘Jersey Shore’ Look & the Result Is Stunning (PHOTO)

jwowwJenni "JWoww" Farley recently debuted a more natural look than the one we're used to seeing the Jersey Shore star clad in. IE, she left the 34-inch heels, makeup for days, and hairspray ad nauseum at home. I wouldn't bank on seeing Woww on the cover of Organic Living magazine any time soon, but it's nice to see a softer side of the reality star. It's a good look for her, and I'd like to submit a formal request to see her like this more often.


While I'm not so sure about the winter hat in the blazing East Coast heat, I really like seeing J in something other than a super low-cut, super skin-tight dress and sky-high heels. What she's got going on here is kind of California boho. The flowy cotton maxi skirt; the flip-flops; the off-the-shoulder loose crop top that shows off her insane stomach. It isn't a look for everyone, but as far as a "natural" look goes for a Jesery Shore castmember, I think this is damn close to perfect.

The next thing I'd love to see is the eensiest haircut from JWoww. She looks great with long hair, but I think a few inches lopped off the bottom, and perhaps a few long layers, would do wonders.

But this is a good start as far as makeunders go. Like the outfit or not, JWoww looks fantastic. And her dogs aren't so bad either. Work it, guys. Ruff.

JWoww's new look: Love it or love it?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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