Lisa Vanderpump’s See-Through Top Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

lisa vanderpumpIf anyone could be compared to a fine wine, it's Lisa Vanderpump. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star really does get better with age. Each season, the cheeky Brit is more gorgeous than the last; and after seeing photos of Lisa from when she was younger, I can honestly say she's more lovely now. But timeless beauty aside, Lisa's recent white lace shirt/black bra combo is a fashion fail in any era.


I don't mind the "bra showing" look. In fact, I actually like it. If done properly, I think a black bra peeking through a white shirt is damn sexy (and cool). But there's an art to it. If you're going to have your bra showing, you need to be a little undone. A little "I don't care what I look like/I just picked this up off my floor/I'm naturally cool." In Lisa's case, she's done up to the nines. Black trousers; pumps; jewelry; full and hair makeup. It's kind of weird that we can see her bra -- her entire bra -- in this outfit.

I'm not going to lie, even though I heart her, Lisa's style couldn't be further from my own. She's all sheath dresses and sky-high platforms, where I'm more "whatever's clean." But if I may offer a suggestion, I say next time she wears this white lace number, she opts for a black cami underneath instead of a black bra. It just ... I don't know ... seems like a much better choice.

What do you think of Lisa's outfit?

Image via Splash

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