Lady Gaga's Nose Piercing Video Is Painful to Watch

Lady Gaga nose pierceThe fact that Lady Gaga got her nose pierced really isn't even remotely shocking -- but I should probably mention that her makeup artist, Tara Savelo, filmed the whole thing and put in on YouTube. Yep, she calls the vid "haus life," and it's even set to music.

I mean, who doesn't want to see Lady Gaga lying on a table with some dude hovering over her sticking a fat needle (or whatever the heck they use) through her septum?

She got the new bling this past Monday at MasterMind Ink Custom Tattoo Studio in Chicago, and you can see Gaga proudly showing off her new circular nose ring in the photo at left, which the studio posted on their Facebook page.


Ok, so are you ready to watch the whole thing go down? If you're at all squeamish, this video might freak you out a little bit. I definitely had to cover my eyes a time or two while viewing it.

Ahhhh! Well, at least it was over pretty quick, right? And can you believe how still and relaxed Gaga was the entire time? She's a braver soul than most of us, that's for sure.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new nose ring?


Image via Facebook

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