Thoughtful Gifts for Your Must-Give List

memory quilt

Photo from Uncommon Goods

Turning t-shirts into a quilt and making old jewelry new again sounds like magic -- and it sort of is!

I was leafing through Real Simple and came across a piece called "The Thought That Counts" within their gift guide. Two ideas stuck out as really great ones...repurposing favorite shirts and restoring an old gem.


In a previous post, I wrote about how my husband restored my aunt's ring. My incredible aunt Tena passed away quite a few years ago and she meant so much to me. My uncle gave me one of her favorite rings. It wasn't an expensive ring, but it was priceless to me. She used to wear it all the time and it had quite a bit of wear and the gold was chipping off. I would wear it anyway, but for my birthday, Mr. Cafe MicheleZ took it to a jeweler to have it plated. Best gift ever!

Real Simple thinks so, too. You can do this for any piece of jewelry that may be collecting dust. Restore it, then wrap it up like new for a sweet surprise.

Another great idea they had was to re-purpose shirts that all of us refuse to part with, yet will never wear again. You know those high school sports shirts, your baby's first onesie, that fancy maternity can gather them and turn them into a quilt -- makes a great family gift and keepsake that can be passed on from generation to generation. Uncommon Goods sells a Memory Quilt Kit ($75) that can guide you how to do it yourself. Can't sew? For an extra fee (price not listed), you can mail your items with the kit so a professional can craft it for you.

Love it!

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