7 Expensive Hairstyling Tools That Are Really Worth the Money (PHOTOS)

hair salonSpending a lot on beauty products can often feel like a ridiculous mistake. The drug store is full of perfectly adequate hair care products, so why would we waste our money on expensive ones? Even those that make elaborate claims about what they can and can't do.

Still, the reality is, sometimes things are expensive for a reason. Sometimes they are just better. It may seem like a crazy splurge to spend $150 on a hairbrush, but when it lasts 10 years or more, that actually may be a better deal than the $10 hairbrush that breaks after a few months.

I typically splurge on my hair since my hair is very thick and long and wavy. In order to care for it, I spend a lot and it makes things much better in the end. Here are 7 hair splurges I think are well worth it for every head of hair out there. Go forth and spend. See below:

  • 7 Expensive Hair Splurges That Are Well Worth It

  • Expensive Hairdryer


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    For women with long, thick hair, the process of getting a blow-out can be at least an hour long. At home, it's simply impossible to get that sleek, straight style without cramping arms, sweating profusely, and general misery. Enter the T3 featherweight. It might cost $200, but what it makes up for in terms of time and arm pain has no price tag.

  • Mason Pearson Brush


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    Who would spend $170 on a brush? I would! This brush stimulates the scalp to avoid flakiness. It leaves hair soft and silky smooth. It doesn't pull or stretch or damage the hair, and it comes with its own nifty holder and cleaner. Sure, it has a hefty price tag, but I know someone who has used the same Mason Pearson for 20 years. Seems worth it, no? It's more like a hair investment.

  • Moroccan Oil


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    Moroccan oil isn't TERRIBLY expensive at $36 for 3.5 ounces, and honestly, once you use it, you wouldn't care if it cost $500. For women who blow dry or heat style their hair, this is a god send. All the shine and health is restored with just a couple drops. Bellissima!

  • Salon Quality Shampoo


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    You could buy $3 shampoo at the drug store. But really, it's not worth what it does to your hair. It strips it, makes it brittle, and eventually can help ruin it. Spent the extra $10 and get yourself a shampoo that will pamper your tresses.

  • Professional Salon


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    It may be tempting to let your friend cut your hair with her kitchen shears and a vodka, but resist the urge. Go into the salon to get your hair cut and colored. It's well worth every penny.

  • Hair Straightener


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    If you are going to take a hot iron to your hair, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do so with a hot iron that protects it. No matter how much it costs (this one is $210).

  • Overnight Treatment


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    It's vital to get a great hair treatment and let it sit in your hair overnight. If you are going to do this, might as well splurge on the best money can buy.

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