7 Expensive Hairstyling Tools That Are Really Worth the Money (PHOTOS)

hair salonSpending a lot on beauty products can often feel like a ridiculous mistake. The drug store is full of perfectly adequate hair care products, so why would we waste our money on expensive ones? Even those that make elaborate claims about what they can and can't do.

Still, the reality is, sometimes things are expensive for a reason. Sometimes they are just better. It may seem like a crazy splurge to spend $150 on a hairbrush, but when it lasts 10 years or more, that actually may be a better deal than the $10 hairbrush that breaks after a few months.

I typically splurge on my hair since my hair is very thick and long and wavy. In order to care for it, I spend a lot and it makes things much better in the end. Here are 7 hair splurges I think are well worth it for every head of hair out there. Go forth and spend. See below:


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